Premium Carpentry Services in Guelph Ontario

We can help provide design direction and installation for all of your fence and deck related needs in Guelph and surrounding areas. We are happy to assess if your current deck or fence is salvageable which can save you money!

Reach out to me with any questions you might have about your fence or deck using the form to the right or by phone!

Our Typical Process

    Who We Are

    My name is Brandon Martineau and I am the owner and operator of Class Carpentry. I am a carpenter who offers many services relating to the design and installation of exterior and interior features.

    We specialize in the design installation and repair of fences, decks  and any other outdoor structure. Our company was born and raised in Guelph which is where we do most of our jobs.

    Through maintaining our local roots we have close relationships with our material providers and other local trades. We are a small company which allows us to focus all our effort on the project at hand!

    Services Offered

    We are capable of the installation of any type of fence that you need. We have extensive experience with Privacy Fences, Picket Fences, Wrought Iron fences, Pool Fences and chain link fences.

    We can provide both the design and installation of any deck project you have in mind. Whether it is a walk out, pillared, or pool deck we are capable of completing any deck job.

    As a result of the constant use, Canada’s wide ranging climate fences can and do deteriorate. We are happy to repair your fence boards, lattice or foundations to prolong the life of your fence.

    If your deck has rotting boards, lose railings or damaged stairs you should get it fixed. If you let your deck issues linger then you are carrying liability, people can get badly hurt if you do not address the issue.

    Class Carpentry is capable of building you your perfect garden or storage shed. We can tailor the design around your preferences or build off of existing plans. If you are looking for someone to build a larger structure like a barn or freestanding garage we also have you covered.

    We also specialize in the design and installation of custom pergolas and sheds. If you need one of these structures either for pure aesthetics or functionality, we can build it.

    If you own a home and are looking for a expert to install, reface or repair your cabinets give us a call. We can spruce up your kitchen by replacing or changing the finish of your cabinets!

    We are happy to install new floor board trim work and crown moulding. Adding trim to a room can easily boost its aesthetics, but if it is installed poorly it can look terrible.

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