Who We Are

Class Carpentry was started by me – Brandon Martineau. I grew up on a rural farm which lead me to work with wood at a very young age. I went to the University of Guelph for Bio-genetics but I found crafting projects with wood and other materials more enjoyable then staring through a microscope.

Our Scope of Work

Given our strategic approach to all of our jobs there is no sized job that we are not capable of knocking out of the park. If you are not sure if we are the company for your project it is always free to give us a call and for us to come out and give a consultation.

Where We Serve

Our Values

Customer First

We make sure during our design consultation that all of your wants and needs are implemented into the design. We will not make any of our own design decisions without consent of the customer. 


For any type of project we are working on we make sure that the customer is completely aware of how the project is going. This ensures that they are aware of what stage we are on and how much progress we are making. 


When we create the contract for our job we will specify a start date and a project timeline. We try our best to stay on schedule and complete the job in a time frame that allows us to complete a satisfactory job.