Deck Installation Guelph | Class Carpentry

Class carpentry can provide any of your deck related needs in Guelph. We are happy to provide design direction to make the most out of your back or front yard. The key to our success is listening to you and what you want out of your space.

We can construct your deck to be the centrepiece of your backyard or design it for pure functionality purposes, our capabilities are extensive. We have a wide range of experience building most types of decks that are in the market.

We are also  not restricted as to the material that you want your deck to be composed of. We can build with traditional hard and soft woods or use the newer artificial materials like PVC.

    Our Deck Design and Installation Process

    The list below will give you a solid understanding of how we as a company operate with our deck services. It is important to note that there might be variance in these steps depending the complexity of the job you have in mind.

    Deck Materials

    It is important for you to understand that we can build your deck out several materials. The material that you choose will impact the overall cost, design vibe and functionality of your deck. We offer the following materials:

    Softwoods & Cedar

    Cedar is the most popular type of material that our customers choose for their decks. Cedar has relatively low maintenance unless you paint your deck then you will be required to upkeep the painting depending on the level of use and exposure to out side elements. 


    Hardwoods decks have the advantages of longevity and overall attractiveness. However, hardwood decks are the most expensive. Depending on the type of wood that you have they will have great natural color and in terms of maintainance you will need to oil the wood once a year. 

    Plastic (PVC)

    Plastic decking other wise known as PVC decking (polyvinyl chloride) is becoming one of the most popular types of decks requested for us to build. The reason why they are gaining popularity is because of their durability. They require very very little maintenance and are insect resistant. There are some negatives with this type of deck like how how they get in direct sunlight and expansion and contraction.

    Common Deck Designs We Offer

    Platform Decks

    Platform decks are installed when the house entrance is located very close to grade. This is the most popular type of deck that we build. The foundation posts are normally short in height and are easily concealed given the low nature of this structure. These decks will also have a stair component that can be designed to your spec.

    Raised Decks

    These decks are required if your first floor is above grade. These decks are most notably characterized by their railings and exposed foundation posts. You can conceal the posts using plantings or skirting. 

    Two-Story Decks

    Two-story decks are used when the main floor is a full story above grade. These decks give your upper levels access to your backyard. These decks require solid structural posts and bracing to support the weight of platform and any other added weight.

    Pool Decks

    Pool decks are common for above ground pools. It is important that barriers or railings are implemented into the design given the pool bylaws. You also want the material of the deck to not be too slippery when wet.

    Any Other Deck Configuration

    whether it is Freestanding decks, porches, stairs etc, we can design and build it.