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If your deck has sustained damage and is need of repair we can gladly assess the situation and provide a solution. We are not going to try to up sell you on a entirely new structure unless we believe that the current deck is not fixable to a safe standard. Given the purpose of a deck and how it is designed to support you and your family and friends it is very important to make sure that it is functioning correctly.

If you have a deck or porch where you are not sure if or how it can be fixed we can gladly stop by and give our opinion for free!

Either call our number or fill out the form to the right to let us know about your deck issues.


    Our Process for Fixing Your Deck

    Common Issues with Decks

    Rotting boards

    The boards of your deck will normally become rotten due to moisture. The freeze and thawing of Canada’s winter takes a tole on the boards and the water takes longer to evaporate in colder temperatures. This can create the edges and areas around the nails and screws to become soft and damaged.

    Damaged Railings

    Deck railings can also rot at the bottom of the prongs where they connect to platform of the deck. Another common issue with deck railings is loosening and miss alignment do to over use. People love to lean and sit on them, use them it as a drying racks etc. Railings are designed to keep people from falling off of your deck, if they are damaged you can’t risk someone getting hurt.  

    Faulty Stairs

    Deck stairs also get worn out due to the amount of use they get. Stairs normally consists of two pieces of wood that are 3 feet long, people most commonly walk in the middle of these boards with very little variance. Given the small amount of space and little surface area stairs get absolutely battered. Once again stairs are a very important feature of your deck to keep in good shape given their purpose.

    Foundation Issues

    The most important component of your deck is the foundation posts. These posts are responsible for supporting your deck, so if you noticed that they are damaged do not use your deck and get them looked at. Foundations posts can get damaged do to a combination of moisture or stress.