Fence Installation Guelph | Class Carpentry

Class Carpentry is a provider of any type of fence you need in Guelph. We provide design consultation, old fence removal and new fence installation. We have provided our fence services to residential home owners, developers, commercial landlords and many farm owners.

There is not a fence situation where we will not be able to help you find and build a solution. Even though we are a carpentry company we can still design and construct fences made in other materials then wood. 

Do not hesitate to reach out us, we offer free estimates with friendly service.

    Our Fence Design and Installation Process

    Types of Fences We Offer

    Standard Privacy Fence

    The most common type of fence that we build for people in the Guelph area is your standard wood privacy fence. Classic wood privacy fences even though simple in design can have features that will brighten up your yard. Board thickness, length, orientation and colour are some aspects that can be tailored to create your desired fence. 

    Chain Link Fence

    If you are looking for a company to replace your old chain link fence and install a new fence we can provide that service. Even though we primarily work with wood we still have a lot of experience installing this type of fence. We have installed them around chicken coops, dog pens, electrical servicing areas etc.

    Wrought Iron Fence

    Wrought Iron fences are an expensive fence and should be installed by an experienced company. If you are are looking for a fence for more security and high design appeal wrought iron fences are a good option for you.

    Picket Fence

    You can not say you are a carpenter and have never worked on a picket fence. Luckily picket fences are a mainstay for Class Carpentry. We have worked on and installed many picket fences in the Guelph area. If you want to add some classic flare to you front yard or gardens we can help you.

    Pool Fence

    If you have a pool or hot tub you are required to meet both the Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Bylaws. We have experience building bylaw compliant fences. Some requirements  you need to consider with pool fences are minimum heights, maximum openings, self closing/latched gates etc.

    Agricultural Fences

    If you are located in Guelph and are looking to install an “agricultural fence” for your  animals or livestock we have you covered. We have the capabilities to install pure wood fences, electrical and more.