Fence Repair Guelph | Class Carpentry

If you are a home owner, farmer or own a commercial building your fence will provide privacy or security. If your fence is defective in anyway it is not longer serving its intended purpose.

There are also certain instances where fences are required by law, so if it is broken you could receive a fine. You should reach out to us to take a look at your fence so that we can asses what type of repairs your Guelph fence requires and get it functioning properly. 

    Common Fence Repairs

    Lose or Damaged Boards

    If the foundation posts and support beams are in good health it is a simple repair to fix lose or damaged fence boards. Depending on the state of the board we have two options, the first being re-securing the board that have became lose. This will require re-levelling the boards and screwing them back in place. If it is not possible to screw the boards back in place they will need to be replaced. This will require the selection and purchase of new wood, measuring, cutting and screwing the new panels onto the existing structure.

    Damaged Doors or Entrances

    Your fence doors are important for security purposes. They keep people or animals from entering or exiting your backyard. If they are broken then people or animals can get out of your backyard very easily. Fence doors get damaged because of constant slamming and also  being exposed to the outdoor elements 24-7. Fence doors are normally a simpler fix because they can be detached from the fence structure and worked on with ease.

    Broken or Damaged Latice

    Typically the lattice of your fence can get damaged as a result of kids climbing your fence, University of Guelph Students climbing your fence or trees getting blown over/knocked onto your fence. Luckily, if the fence was designed properly the lattice section (including the frame) should be able to be removed. I can then disassemble that section of the fence and either completely replace the defective area or fix the component that needs to be repaired.

    Leaning or Off-centred Fence

    If your fence appears to be leaning in a certain direction then the issue can be caused by several factors.  One of the main factors is that your foundations have started to move as a result of the ground freezing and thawing during winter and spring time. When your foundations shift it will cause the structure of the fence to bend. This may require new foundations to be poured or for the fence to be taken apart and re-levelled. This type of fix can require a lot of time and expertise.