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If you are looking to add extra design elements and details to your back yard set up pergolas are a good feature. We can easily build you a pergola for your backyard in Guelph. The design options and sizes for this type of structure vary. Reach out to us with your ideas and we can set up a free consultation.

Our Pergola Process

    Purpose of Pergolas

    Garden Booster

    Having a pergola with an exposed roof (allowing sunlight to shine through) can upgrade your gardens overall appeal. It also gives you a place to plant some interesting vine plants giving your garden more variety.

    Extension of Living Area

    If your pergola is deigned in a way to provide shade and privacy they can provide more space to utilize with family or friends. You can have tables and chairs located under the structure creating a awesome space to hang out with your people.

    Components of Pergolas

    Foundations and Posts

    The foundations are the areas where the main support posts are attached or secured to the ground. The foundations and post are responsible for keeping the structure grounded and sturdy. It is essential that these components are built properly given the important function they serve.

    Support Beams

    The support beams run along the sides of the pergola and are secured to the tops of the foundation posts. Depending on the design of the pergola there can be either two support beams or four. The purpose of these beams is to support the other wood that is used for for shade that it attached horizontally to the support beams.

    Top Beams

    The top beams are secured on top of the support beams. Depending on the amount of shade and privacy you want will depend on how many top beams you will have on your pergola.