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We can build any type of shed for your property. We are a premier shed and barn builder located locally in Guelph Ontario. We are a flexible company, If you do not have a design in mind we can provide you with options or work off of existing plans. We will listen to you and customize the design process to suit the purpose of your shed.

Our Shed & Barn Building Process

    Types of Sheds and We are Capable of Building

    Garden Sheds

    The most popular type of shed that we build are garden sheds. Typically these sheds are around 80 to 120 square feet which allows for the storage of any gardening related tools. The size of the shed will depend on the size of your yard and what you plan on storing in the unit.

    Storage Sheds

    The storage sheds that we have built are larger then your typical garden sheds. They can range in size from 120-192 square feet, but again the size will depend on the size of your yard and how you plan on utilizing the shed.

    Materials We Can Use

    Note that the materials that we will use for the construction of your shed will vary depending on the design that you have selected. However below is a list of materials that can be used separately or combined together to create your ideal shed:


    The most common type of material that we use to build our sheds is your standard cedar or pine wood, which fall under the “softwood” category. If you want you can also build a shed using hardwood. Unless the client has specified otherwise we always build that frame of the shed with wood regardless of the material chosen for the exterior of the structure.


    We can build you a shed that has a metal exterior. Like I mentioned above the interior frame will be constructed with wood and the metal panelling will be secured to the frame. Metal exteriors are great for longevity as a result of their weather resistant properties.


    PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride which is a synthetic plastic. This man made material is becoming more popular as result of its weather resistance and low maintenance qualities.